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I am a Certified Yoga Instructor RYT-200 and have been teaching since 2019. In my teaching, I aim to show that yoga is accessible to all bodies and lifestyles and that it provides us with so much more than just the physical benefits of increased strength and flexibility. I combine the postures with meditation and breathwork to fully work our bodies and minds throughout the class in hopes of leaving each of my students with a feeling of being grounded and calm that will stay with them after they roll up their mats.


In addition to teaching yoga, I work as a Video Producer and Photographer in Cleveland Ohio by day, and play guitar in bands by night. I spend my free time corralling my toddler and cat, and reading sci-fi with some good wine and dark chocolate.

Yoga Pose

All classes are currently only available online to comply with safety guidelines for Covid - 19 for the duration of 2021. 

Each class is offered twice monthly with a different class offering each week. Registration is limited to one month in advance.

Please read the                                before booking your first class.



February 2021 Classes


$5 suggested donation    2/5 & 2/7 

A gentle flow followed by a long Yoga Nidra meditation. Class occurs on the 1st Friday and Sunday of every month.

Yoga Stretches


$5 suggested donation

A grounding practice to build strength and resilience in the body and mind. Class occurs on the 3rd Friday and Sunday of every month.

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Yoga Class


$5 suggested donation

A classic flow to connect the body, mind, and breath. Class occurs on the 2nd Friday and Sunday of every month.

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Child's Pose

Slow Flow

$5 suggested donation

Similar to a Vinyasa but every pose is held longer for a deeper experience in the body. Class occurs on the 4th Friday and Sunday of every month.

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Practicing Yoga


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